MEGA Erasmus+ project


Partnerské školy:

  • Gymnázium bilingválne (Slovenská republika)
  • Lycée Michel-Rodange (Luxembursko),
  • Wittekind-Gymnasium Lübbecke (Nemecko),
  • IES MIGUEL CATALÁN (Španielsko),
  • I Liceum Ogolnoksztalcace w Toruniu (Poľsko),
  • Enseignement fondamental et secondaire de la Providence à Champion (Belgicko)


Concrete results are changes in the environmental policy at the participating schools such as for example how to deal with waste (key word „plastic“), to safe energy and resources (electricity, water, paper), upcycling and so on.

Furthermore, The MEGA clubs groups in all participating schools are supposed to achieve high-quality skills, which implies:

1., raised awareness of political topics and their international dimension in context of EU citizenship – „Environmental issues don’t know borders!“,

2., raised awareness of the social responsibility of the individual in the schools‘ communities,

3., raised democracy skills from debating and political knowledge among the students,

4., that schools are enabled to organize a MUN conference on an environment topic on their own by using the material created during the project period

5., raised awareness of potential individual action and responsibility by getting in touch with the professional world of waste companies, research institutes etc.

Last but not least, it may be bold to dream of the introduction of a school subject „Sustainability“ as part of the official school curriculum… but most project once started with a dream, and our MEGA youth clubs will be a valuable step into this direction.

Plánované aktivity (budú postupne upravené podľa epidemiologickej situácie):

  • LUXEMBURSKO – C1 Short-term exchanges of groups of pupils 11-2019 MEGA Kick-off conference
  • ŠPANIELSKO – C2 Short-term exchanges of groups of pupils 10-2021 The climate is Yours“ – Air and water pollution, lack of resources and public transport as aspects of individual consumption, production systems and urban planning
  • POĽSKO – C3 Short-term exchanges of groups of pupils 09-2021 ToMUN – International Model United Nations Conference
  • NEMECKO – C4 Short-term exchanges of groups of pupils 02-2022 Developing a European curriculum of sustainability
  • SLOVENSKO – C5 Short-term exchanges of groups of pupils 03-2022 ZaMUN – International Model United Nations Conference
  • BELGICKO – C6 Short-term exchanges of groups of pupils 05-2022 Closing Conference More MEGA for the future