MEGA Club meeting (January 17, 2020)

Our club met today to discuss several topics and inform our students about forthcoming actions and activities. Thanks to the EWF Erasmus+ project, we also had the opportunity to welcome a MEGA Club Spain member.

The main points:

  • we spoke about the MEGA meeting in Zaragoza, which will take place in April 2020 – activities, application, inquiries
  • our Spanish guest introduced the Spanish club and also the April activity
  • president election – applicants, voting
  • activities for the next period (proposals):
    • TRASH HERO (Bôrický park – Bulvár) (will be organised in next meeting)
    • paper collection (will be discussed after research)
    • biking/walking competition (problematic)
    • business class activities – discount for people, who have their own cup (will be discussed with the class/teacher)
    • press for plastic bottles
    • waste management in our school – discussed the possibility to have binns in every class (ideas for the next meeting)

The next meeting should take place in early February.

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