Une bonne idée – francúzske divadlo

Like every year, the 27 of April 2018 the group of francophone theatre of GBZA School performed at Stanica. The play called « Une bonne idée » was directed by the two Belgian teachers Silvia Amato and Florian Coheur who’s also the writer of the play. After this première, the students will perform again the June 16 at Dom Odborov during a theatrical day. In addition, the Belgian writer François Salmon and the theatre company « Les gens de bonne compagnie » are invited to perform and participate to this amazing day.

The theatre group is composed by students from different classes and they rehearsal every Tuesday, two hours per week, with their teachers. They work mostly on improvisation. Here are the actors: Beata Bielková, Ema Dupkalova, Emma Lörinczova, Peter Nadanyi, Veronika Pokorná, Martina Remišová, Daniel Saberi, Žofia Škvareková, Patrícia Šmáriková, Nicole Sýkorova, Eva Urbaníková.

Silvia Amato

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